Hi My name is Will and I'm a certified personal trainer and fitness coach with 10 years
of experience
in the field.

Who I have helped

I have helped dozens of people improve their health and reach their fitness goals. I work with clients of all age and fitness levels and I am able to tailor programs to support healing from an injury. Call me today and we’ll get you on the path to reaching your goal.

Potential clients

Are you struggling with weight loss, motivation, or lack of energy? If you are a person who doesn't know what to do in the gym, if you are trying to trim a few inches before a wedding, if you are following the same routine over and over and are not seeing results, if you were injured while working out, if you are intimidated by other gym rats and would prefer to work with a fitness trainer or if you are just trying to get back in shape: Get in touch!

What I work on

I work on proper body mechanics, flexibility, strength, conditioning, injury prevention, body fat reduction, weight loss, nutrition, muscle building, core strengthening, balance and coordination, speed, quickness and agility. I work with equipment such as TRX, kettle bell, stability ball, bands, medicine ball, bosu and boxing!

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"Will is an excellent Trainer. He has really taken the time to assess my capabilities, weaknesses & strengths so that he can tailor an appropriate workout that meets my needs."

Happy Client